HALF Helping At-risk students Learn Fractions

Intervention - Review and Fluency Practice

Review Quiz

Students begin the review and fluency practice rotation by completing a short review quiz that is generated by the ITS. The quiz is made of 5 questions that have been chosen at random from all of the tutorials that a student has successfully completed. This means the review quiz may have questions on content the student covered that day, the last week, or all the way back to the first day of the program. Students receive a virtual achievement badge for answering at least four of the five questions correctly, and teachers are encouraged to provide in-class rewards when students receive new badges.

Fractions Games

Once students complete the review quiz, they are allowed to play one of eight fractions games on the iPad. The teacher assigns each student to a game that best aligns with the content he or she is learning that week. The current game options were selected from a pool of 106 fractions games that were available for download from the Apple App Store in December of 2012.