HALF Helping At-risk students Learn Fractions

Diagnostic Assessment - Teacher Reports

The reports that we send to teachers are designed to contain useful and useable information. They are also designed to be easy to read and understandable at a glance. This is because teachers have many demands on their time, and many do not have extensive content-area expertise in fractions. Therefore, we aimed to create reports that teachers can easily integrate into their existing pedagogy.

Student Skill Levels

Each question in our item bank has an estimated difficulty value, determined using a statistical measurement tool called unidimensional Rasch modeling. Easier questions have a lower value, giving us an idea of what items were easier or harder relative to the other questions we had asked. Using this information, we sorted the questions into four difficulty levels (Level 1 through Level 4).

A student's right and wrong answers relative to the difficulty of the question allow us to determine each student's current fractions skill level. Students are assigned to Level 1 through 4+ using an automated rubric that allows us to report results to teachers as quickly as possible. The purpose of reporting this information to teachers is to help them understand how to differentiate instruction about grade-level fractions content while helping students overcome gaps in their knowledge of foundational fractions content.

Sample Report

Use the folloing link to view a sample teacher report.